The A to Z of Marketing Surveys

A is for Accessibility:

B is for Branching:

C is for Closed-Ended Questions: Questions that offer respondents a set of predefined answer options to choose from.

D is for Demographics: Collecting information about your respondents’ demographics can help you better understand your target audience.

E is for Engagement:

F is for Feedback:

G is for Glossary or Dictionary:

H is for Hierarchal Questions:

I is for Intercept Surveys:

J is for Journey:

K is for Key Driver:

L is for Likert scale: A rating scale used to measure attitudes and opinions.

M is for Margin of Error (confidence interval):

N is for Net promoter score (NPS): A customer satisfaction metric that measures the likelihood of a customer recommending a company to others. Respondents are classified as Detractors (0-6 rating), Passives (7-8 rating), or Promoters (9-10 rating).

O is for Open-ended questions: Questions that allow respondents to provide their own answers.

P is for Piping:

Q is for Qualitative vs Quantitative:

R is for Response rate: The percentage of people who respond to your survey.

S is for Skip Logic:

T is for Text Analytics:

U is for Unsubscribes:

V is for Voice of Customer:

W is for Weighting:

X is for XML and HTML:

Y is for Yield rate: The percentage of people who complete your survey after starting it.

Z is for Zero bias: An ideal state where your survey questions and sample selection are free from bias.