Top 10 Marketing and Business Podcasts

I have listened to nearly 14,000 podcasts with the majority of those being about marketing and business. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to keep a regular podcast going so there have certainly been a lot of podcasts I have loved and unfortunately have been discontinued. Here are my top 10 favorite active podcasts.

Podcast NameHost(s)Episodes ListenedSummary
Manager ToolsMark Horstman and Mike AuzenneAll (900+)Actionable insight covering management and leadership stuff you were never taught.
Executive ToolsMark Horstman and Mike AuzenneAll (30+)Requires active manager tools subscription – worth it for the show notes alone.
The Paid Search PodcastChris Schaeffer and Jason RothmanAll (300+)Best paid search and Google Ads podcast out there. No one else would provide this much value in a free podcast.
HBR IdeaCastAlison Beard or Curt NickischAll (800+)Thought leader topics arm-in-arm with their published magazine
Revisionist HistoryMalcolm GladwellAllSeasonal podcast that seems to re-write history. Classic Gladwell.
33 Tangents Jim Driscoll and Jason ThompsonAll (200+)Great analytics topics, interesting topics before the topic, and a lover of remote work.
The Marketing Book PodcastDouglas Burdett70+Reviews a marketing book with the author every week. Yes, really, every week.
The Analytics Power HourMichael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Moe KissAll (200+)Usually includes a guest; All things analytics and so much fun – don’t miss the outtakes.
Customer Data PerspectivesIsaac SacolickAll (8)Newer podcast I started listening to but love the Customer Data Platform (CDP) topic at the moment.
The Digital Marketing PodcastCiaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles200+I took a break from this podcast but have started it up again.